Aideron Robotics is a Faction Warfare corporation fighting for the Gallente Militia. Based in the southern warzone system of Fliet, Aideron Robotics welcomes pilots of all skill levels. With a mix of new and veteran pilots we are a perfect corp for pilots new to PvP and experienced mature pilots keen to help train and develop others. With close ties to the rest of the Gallente Militia, Aideron Robotics pilots are always welcomed in PvP fleets militia-wide, providing an expansive range of game play and experiences.

Boasting one of the best corp-based jump freight services in EVE, AIDER pilots have easy access to assets as well as a well organised corp contract service meaning doctrine ships are always available and only a click away. Clearly defined, battle proven doctrines give pilots a clear training pathway. Doctrine fits start with a basic three-day program that see brand new pilots flying in AIDER fleets and being important members almost immediately.

Well known for mature and respectful gameplay, Aideron Robotics caters for pilots in all timezones. Whilst we are fundamentally a PvP corp we also run profitable industry and planetary interaction programs for those looking for alternative income sources. Voice comms are via Teamspeak and our Aideron Robotics Slack channel is an active and vibrant place for all teams members to discuss ops, tactics, fits and generally look out for each other. For more information join us in the Aideron Robotics channel in game or contact one of the characters below.



Executive Officer
Billy Daniels


Pragantis Florian



Aideron Robotics is now part of the Federation Uprising alliance [FEDUP]

Please use the Federation Uprising alliance web site to register and enlist.

Click the link then click the 'Register' button.
After you register, log in and add an API key. This API key must be full access and account wide and set to never expire.

FEDUP heavily relies on Discord chat application. If you have not done that before head to Services tab and join our Discord server. Once this is done, you can click the Applications tab and create a new one to be considered for membership in Aideron Robotics, our premier corporation for new pilots.

We hope you are enjoying your stay with Federation Uprising, the largest Faction Warfare alliance in EVE ONLINE.

What to do between applying and joining

The following video has some important information about what you should do between applying and actually accepting your corp invite. It advises what to do with your assets and gives tips on how to stay safe.